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Posted on: Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
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DSCN1470_2_2The accompanying photo shows what kids on the tiny island of Grenada do: They hang out. It’s a third-world nation in many regards, but the kids seem truly happy and healthy.

Meanwhile, here in the US, screen time, sexting and violence keeps increasing.  And one of the few credible and influential critics of that culture just lost its voice.  Sad. 

Soon, the National Institute on Media and the Family will be without its primary source of funding, and had to hit the “off” button.  While there are other orgs and critics out there, few have had as much success battling the $20 billion a year gaming industry and preaching moderation and common sense to families.

Score one more for “Grand Theft Auto,” Facebook and the digitalia industry.  Never mind that…

  • An AP-MTV poll finds 10% of young people surveyed had sent naked photos of themselves.
  • 25% have been involved in sexting in some form.
  • Kids spend an average of 44 hours week a average in front of a screen (TV, computer or video games). 
  • 68% of school age children have TV or video game screens in their bedrooms. 
  • 20,000 murders are seen on screen by the time a student graduates from high school.

It would be nice to end this post with something clever or hopeful.  But like the Institute, I’m suddenly speechless.

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