Yuck: 48% of US Workers Lack Paid Sick Days

Posted on: Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
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DSC_0032Here’s yet another reason most people can’t manage a modest BreakAway: Nearly half don’t even get paid sick days. It’s no wonder flus and colds spread like wildfire. We can only hope that someday, sick days will be mandatory by law—and that meanwhile our workforce remains upright. 

Here are some other sickening facts: 

  • Nearly four out of five low wage workers receive no paid sick leave.
  • Only 16% of part-time employees get paid sick days.
  • Only 60% of full-time workers can take a sick day with pay.  

Get the rest of the facts here from the government’s mouth.

To heck with the healthcare debate—let’s do something about keeping our population well by encouraging ill people to stay home, where they belong.

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