BABT 13: Stuff Reduction = P.O.M.

Posted on: Friday, November 20th, 2009
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photo by Kirk Horsted

photo by Kirk Horsted

Does your mood go down when your floor gets piled up with stuff? Does your mind close when opening your closets reveals overabundance? Have you found that paper and possessions grow like a fungus among us? If so, you’re not alone—but you may need a clean BreakAway from Stuff Management.

No, it’s not always fun cleaning house and clearing out.  But it can work wonders for your Peace of Mind and ability to think (and see) openly.  Sometimes, it can even help others—and inspire a less materialistic lifestyle.  So as we head indoors for the cold season, this week’s BreakAway BreakThrough offers some ways to increase your sanity by reducing your assets…

BABT13:  11 Ways to Live a Less Stuff-Centric Life

  • Start with the most obvious and egregious to start the momentum.
  • No time? Pick just one superfluous thing a day and send it packing.
  • Maximize this year’s tax deduction by donating worthy rejects to charity.
  • Regarding clothes, CDs, DVDs and such: If you haven’t used it in a year (or 2), get rid of it.
  • Fill your garbage receptacle weekly.
  • Get to know your local recycling services, hazardous waste place, consignment stores and causes that appreciate fresh goods.
  • Archives are ample? Relive and resort; keep what’s cool; let go of the rest.
  • Go paperless (but be sure to back up important docs).
  • If you’re moving, or the kids are moving out, or you’re moving on via breakup or merger…take advantage by removing old baggage.
  • Got good stuff? Collect it, tell your friends to do the same and have a stuff-trading party.
  • If your workplace is a mess, you’ll do a better job (and enjoy it more) from an organized, spiffed-up space.
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