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Posted on: Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
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photo by Kirk Horsted

We are not alone. Word is getting ‘round! In Burned Out? Take a Creative Sabbatical,”’s founder, Gina Trapani, preaches about the importance of down time for’s readers. After all, even the guys on Mad Men do it—while those who don’t may slowly go mad.  Or worse…burn out.

She also features that now-viral video of designer Stefan Sagmeister telling TED conference attendees about his personal (and professional) Sabbatical program.
She mentions that Bill Gates takes two “Think Week” breaks annually to catch up on his reading.
And she inspires many comments from readers when she asks,
How do you use time off to refresh, rejuvenate, and yes, even make yourself more productive?”

The Usual Suspects check in. The executive coaches endorse life/work balance while gently promoting their services. A few of the Overworked & Underpaids complain that only the rich and lucky can afford a career break. And of course, BreakAwayGuy (me!) rebuts that “the folks that I know who have done the most exploring and traveling just tend to be stubborn, non-conformist types.”  In other words (as I point out in the 5 5-word mantras), sometimes it’s not a financial decision.

Trapani posts a powerful blog with a lot of good links—and that 17-minute video by Mr. Sagmeister. When you can make or take some free time, check it out–or burn out.
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