BABT10: Breaking Into Fall

Posted on: Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
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photo by Kirk Horsted

In our last BreakAway BreakThrough post, we went back to school. Awwww!?! Now that THAT routine is running as smoothly as a champion football team, here are some ways to escape the grind and embrace fall’s groove.

BABT10 … 11 Ways to Make Autumn Almost Awesome

  • Watch the waterfowl; stroll along a lake and listen to the loons and friends as they make their way south (lucky ducks!).
  • Don’t just jump in the leaves, create a comfy pile and chill there a while.
  • On a sunny day when color is peaking, drop everything and ride right through it.
  • Head to the farmer’s market and marvel at the bounty; maybe make and freeze up a big batch of red sauce so you can taste the sunshine in tomatoes and peppers all winter.
  • Catch a falling leaf, maple-tree helicopter, or star.
  • Walk in the woods—alone or with a favorite friend or pet—without your favorite digital devices.
  • Host a big, fat bonfire and roast savory sausages and stuff on sticks.
  • Let the face find you and carve life into some pumpkins.
  • Forgot to make your summer BreakAway? It’s NEVER too late: Take a fall vacation or even a staycation.
  • When Indian summer hits, dig out the shorts and soak up some sun—since it may be many months before that sweet, sweaty feeling arises again.
  • Cold coming? Do your Emergency Coziness Preparations by stocking up on firewood, candles and cognac (or hot chocolate).
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