BABT7: Date Night Done Right

Posted on: Friday, August 14th, 2009
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Date night means different things to different couples, but it need not (always) mean the same old supper club, cinema, or barstool.  If you’ve got a partner—or a favorite friend—make the occasional rendezvous remarkable by firing up your imagination and destination.  This weeks’s BreakAway BreakThrough (BABT) is here to remind you that: Life is short.  Enjoy every sandwich.  And love the one you’re with. 

BABT7:  Date Night Done Right … 11 ways to spice up your time together
  • Take turns arranging the date, so that both parties plan a party that pleases them. 
  • Remember romance.  Easy gestures like flowers, compliments and hand-holding help keep the love-heart pumping. 
  • For God’s sake, go unplugged.  It’s a rude turn-off to watch your date have text with others. 
  • Ask 101 questions sometimes.  Humans change; you may not know your partner as well as you think. 
  • Shake up your destination and doings:  Mex or Mac’s?  Theater or bowling?  Skate by the lake or sex on the beach? 
  • Revisit places you frequented back in the day; reminisce and rekindle that special spark. 
  • Sure, double-date or do group-grope sometimes.  Let friends show you their idea of a good time. 
  • Assign occasional homework: Read this book; find cheap eats; make a list of unresolved stuff. 
  • If you’re in a talk rut of work, fam and gossip, speed-chat through that and then open yourselves up.
  • Occasionally, talk from the heart about your fantasies and dreams.  They’re more likely to come true.
  • Make time to make progress on your BreakAway schemes—whether summer vakay, weekend away, or one year off. 

Do you have any hot tips or stories to share?  Leave a comment please!

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