BABT6: Make Time for Music

Posted on: Friday, August 7th, 2009
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It’s time once again for your weekly BreakAway BreakThrough (BABT).  Every Friday (or so) I offer some simple suggestions to help you slow down and savor your free time—and get you one step closer to your radical Sabbatical.  Today’s theme?  Music!

Sometimes music gets a bad rap these days.  “Songs” are all attitude and chatter, and often devoid of actual singing.  “Autotune” turns voices into robots.  Mash-ups and electonica replace real instruments.  And kids skip through their playlist with the attention span of a fly.  Meanwhile, sound quality gets abused—condensed and often replayed through dime-sized speakers. 
Still, music is a big blessing—and can provide a magical BreakAway from the cacophony of routine monotony.  A daily course of music—real music, with intent listening—nourishes like a smoothie for the soul.  Or, as Maude (of movie “Harold and Maude”) says, “Music is the language of the stars!” 
BABT6:  Make Time for Music11 ways to plug in, tune in, and amp it up

  • Got an instrument?  Pick it up and start pickin’ and grinnin’. 
  • Go through your music collection and play stuff you’ve been neglecting for a while. 
  • When there’s a good tune on the car radio, don’t get out til it’s over. 
  • Support local, live performers whenever you can sneak away. 
  • Insist that your children learn to read and play music—no matter how unharmonious the occasional tussle. 
  • Always throw (at least) a buck in a busker’s bucket. 
  • Turn off all other media and annoyances, and let yourself really listen. 
  • Sing!  It’s as natural as eating, drinking, and dancing—and it feels good in your body. 
  • Weather permitting, head out to hear outdoor live music early and often. 
  • Invest in a dang good sound system; make one room (or more) a sunny, sonic sanctuary. 
  • Do like John Cage and sense the earthy music of the train, cricket, wind, and waves. 

Is music one of your ways to escape–or get closer to what matters to you?  Leave a comment please!

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