Busy…or Lazy!?!

Posted on: Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
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Check out this funny, smart WashPost column that dares to ask:  Am I busy?  Or am I lazy? Why, exactly, don’t I get those new eyeglasses, pay that insurance bill, and master my iPod?

My advice:  Take a 3-month sabbatical and ponder those very questions.  The ones you don’t have time–or energy–to deal with right now.  You just might…
  • Get past the annoyances of such unsolved mysteries.  
  • Find new profundities (and annoyances) to clog your brain.
  • Relax, and realize that’s the best solution to most anything.
  • Find time to get new eyeglasses.  
  • Come back with a (slightly) more cosmic view about the little shtuff…for now.  
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