Navy Floats a New Test Sabbatical Program

Posted on: Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
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Be all you can be!  Oops, that’s a dated Army commercial.  But that phrase could now apply to the U.S. Navy, who has recently launched a “Career Intermission Pilot Program” to add more flexibility and allure to the lives of sailors. 
In this age of Wars (and assignments) without end, offering BreakAways is a breath of fresh peace.  These are not mere long-weekend retreats either, but rather up to three years off.  To do whatever you want. Wow.
The Navy says they are trying to keep up with the best practices of Corporate America.  Now if only Corporate America would do more to keep up with the Navy! 
Hats off to the Village People who, with their smash hit “In the Navy,” predicted this amazing opportunity for freedom of time and pastime while also protecting our freedom! 

Where can you find pleasure

Search the world for treasure

Learn science technology

Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true

On the land or on the sea

Where can you learn to fly

Play in sports and skin dive

Study oceanography

Sign of for the big band

Or sit in the grandstand

When your team and others meet

–From “In the Navy” by the Village People

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