Yep, Kids CAN be Addicted to Video Games

Posted on: Monday, April 20th, 2009
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We here at Breakaway recommend that people unplug more, and plug into screens less.  Go outside.  Plant a tree.  Ride a bike.  While that may seem oxymoronic from a blog, the key word (yet again) is balance.  And when it comes to kids, teaching balance is especially essential—as is getting outside and enjoying screen-free play time. 
The Washington Post today reports that 8.5% of young people appear to be behaviorally addicted to video games.  That’s ugly news, but the side effects are uglier:  They do worse in school; they lie about their usage; they say they can’t quit; more. 
The National Institute on Media and the Family continues to fight back—very effectively—against these trends, and also offers links to the complete study plus suggestions for the village of caregivers. 
Meanwhile, I look forward to when the studies come out about ADULTS and addiction to digitalia.  My guess?  At least 8.5% will qualify—maybe more on the younger end.  
(Note to self:  Invest in the forthcoming build-out of treatment centers!)
Connectivity can be a great thing—particularly when it also applies to TIME with family, friends, and nature. 
Unplug now and then.  That alone can be a mini-Breakaway from the shackles of habits and work. 
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