KPMG Employees Say “Yes” to Sabbaticals

Posted on: Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
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Amidst a tsunami of layoffs worldwide, some savvy firms are trying something more innovative, hopeful, and humane:  offering sabbaticals or reduced workweeks. reports that when KPMG UK put together such a program for their employees, an astounding 400 out of 550 partners jumped in line.  Could it be that time is the new money?    
More than 80% of KPMG’s UK partners have applied to work a four day week or take a sabbatical after the Big Four firm announced a scheme last week aimed at avoiding redundancies.The voluntary scheme, announced last week, is one of the first of its kind by a big accounting firm. Eight other countries within the KPMG group are thought to be considering similar schemes.

GM also has the same idea, as reported last month and blogged about by yours truly right here.

First off, kudos to KPMG.  Second, let’s hope the partners taking their variation of a BreakAway will find ways to fight the stress of uncertainty and instead embrace the unexpected gift of free time. 

  • After all, it sure beats getting fired.  

And for those ready for a change of pace, here’s your chance.  A chance to clean out the clutter.  Take a trip to see the relatives.  Learn to paint or do Pilates or play piano.

In the old days, of course, Sabbaticals happened only to a privileged few—and typically with much forethought.  Now, it seems they could start to get handed out like bonuses were during the go-go days of the dot-com revolution and financial melt-up. 
So the forethought part may be gone.  But a thoughtful break should be well within grasp of these talented, versatile employees. 
Good luck! 
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