Bequia: Room with a View

Posted on: Thursday, January 8th, 2009
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We done good.  Although the family obsessed and argued and made a science out of indecision when picking our places to stay, in this case, it was worth it.  This new temporary home is 2die4.  Opening the door, seeing the endless sea, and hearing the crashing-wave soundtrack instantly confirmed all hopes, and erased all doubts. 

We’re in the top level of a brand-new, 3-story condo on Friendship Bay.  The view is that magical shade of teal; some rolling green hills and peninsulas; some shanties and villas and two hidden hotels (with way cool beach bars!); and some boobies and fishing boats bobbing in the bay.  


And the best part?  We got a delicious deal, direct from the American owner (whom we “met” on TripAdvisor), because the place wasn’t finished and on the rental market yet…
So while our temporary home may lack a peeler and beach towels and a functional ceiling fan (it seized up right after it was installed, according to the caretaker), it’s impeccably fresh and well-executed.  The design is smart, the furnishings are tasteful and the deck is stunning.  We lucked out.  

The kids know it too–and that warms the heart more than the sunshine that beats in nonstop.  They were giddy–dancing and screaming like Little League champs–for a long time after we moved in.  And it wasn’t just the water and view and obvious stuff; they were even gaga about the mosquito netting on the shared bed, and jumped in and just played together (with no arguing!) all giggly for an hour or so.  (Then, of course:  CAN WE GO TO THE BEACH NOW?)  Yes!  

Forgive me if I refuse to leave this place and just keep taking the same pictures over and over…
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11 Responses to “Bequia: Room with a View”

  1. Don Ball Says:


    Sorry I’ve been slow to comment, but your posts have been leaving me speechless and reluctant to just throw out a “lucky you” or “wish I was there” comment. But I also don’t want you to think for a minute that nobody’s tuning in, because for me (and my family, who I urgently call over to the computer to view the latest pictures) it’s been a daily affair.

    It’s bliss by proxy. I feel like I’m getting this rare glimpse of other worlds with different (from us and from each other) cultures that not only are on island time, but require that same mindset in order to be absorbed and appreciated. Your writing is deft and evocative, leaving me with vivid impressions, which marry with the bold photography.

    And then there’s the whole dimension of family, which I’m glad you’re covering. It wouldn’t be fair to highlight the beauty without giving a nod to the struggle. How does a family cope when things go wrong in paradise? And then can it still be called paradise? Good questions, which I feel you’re addressing.

    So, my thick winter hat is off to you. You are a journalist and journaler of the first order and have set the bar higher for any travel reporting I would attempt myself.

    Wishing you an even better breakaway (with no more breaks, please)!

  2. khorsted Says:

    Dear Don,

    1,000 thanks for those uplifting words. Yes, it can feel like I’m speaking and nobody’s listening here. So I’m so pleased to know that some folks are out there. Gives me courage to continue, rather than, say, turn on the TV (ish!) or just to back to the beach (hmmmm!). But of course, the grade for any “launch” efforts would be “does not pass.” Must get on that. Although I must confess that now that the site is 95.5% done and caught up, I did enjoy a few days of basking in that daze (+ some sunshine).

    Also pleased you’re applauding some family babble in there. That part comes not easily for me, as the line between privacy and tacky can be so blurry. But I keep hearing from Advizorz I trust and respect that I should indeed “go there.” More on home schooling. Groceries. Challenges. It need not be so much about them, but rather how I feel and respond to it. So expect more. There’s a lot to share–in a way that allows me to slightly open the window on our lives but not fling it wide open.

    As for “wrong in Paradise”…I’ve been told umpteen times “WE DON’T WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT…WE GOT 22 BELOW HERE, YOU SCHMUCK!!!” Well, tough toenails. (I’ve broken two–speaking of troubles in Paradise.) I shall write about that anyway. You see, I like to rant and discuss roadkill (it’s a blog category, after all). Sometimes it’s Humor? And sometimes it’s just therapeutic. And deep down, people want to know about lost luggage, sibling battles, bad mutton, and motion sickness. Expect a rantfest soon. Thanks again and stay warm, *kirk

  3. Dean Gulstad Says:

    I have to echo Don’s comments. I’ve been eagerly watching for your latest posts and photos. Just terrific stuff, Kirk!

  4. khorsted Says:

    Thank you and Jah bless!

  5. scott Says:

    i’m having withdraws up here! it’s all of 10 degrees BELOW zero (Fahrenheit). while we are freezing our patooties, we depend on living the warm life through all your wonderful adventures. take ME to the beach!

  6. khorsted Says:

    OK, I”ll try. I’m feeling a bit guilty knowing the temps up there can freeze your schnozz off. Been at a popular locals’ beach hangout on Sunday. Then our own for a long spell on Monday. Then a neighbor resort’s pool on Tuesday. While reading ‘Don’t Stop the Carnival’ (timeless Caribbean comedy) and trying to homeskool the kids and–OMG–eat at home now and then. Procuruing food here is quite the rush. The Rasta market (your best source for fruit and vedge) leaves you spent, in all ways. WIll try to shed my guilt (and not just my clothes) and get some pics or warm vibes up soon. Thanks for askin’…

  7. KimA Says:

    Oh, this looks heavenly……. how long are you planning to be away from home this time? I’ve been tooling around the site a little bit but didn’t find this info. Keep relaxing and posting pics for all us armchair travelers!

  8. khorsted Says:

    The itinerary does appear somewhere, somehow. Keep searching and if you find it, you win a prize! We come home at the end of Feb. But forgive me if I’m trying not to think about that quite yet…

  9. Joanne Says:

    omg, lovely. Thanks for sharing the beauty and the bumps. I am so proud of you for making these breaks happen; it is really inspiring. Since you haven’t been watching t.v, I did want to catch you up on a crazy new infomercial that is all the rage. The Snuggie. There are so many awesome things about the Snuggie, I will list them here; it’s cult like, it looks like an American Burqa or Hare krishna suit, it supports size diversity, it is mullet-like (business up front-party in the back -its backless!), it enables you to break out the ‘Like a Prayer’ chorus, and it solves the horror of having to answer the phone while being trapped in a blanket. Fashion winter trend? Fortunately, you won’t need one there.

  10. khorsted Says:

    Thanks for the Snuggie update. I think they’ve been sending me Spam. Not sure it’s my style exactly, but if it’s still cold when time to go home, I may have to learn more about them…

  11. Balofi Says:

    ………I feel a southerly breeze.

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