Trust Fate: Take a Dart Vacation

Posted on: Friday, December 19th, 2008
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As anyone who travels knows, you can meet the most interesting people when you BreakAway from your daily grind. Today’s proof arrived in the form of Bob & Jen Westerfield.  

While beaching at scenic Trunk Bay, this handsome couple strolled by with grins on their faces and pink drinks in their hands. They paused to admire AllBoy and CurlyGirl body-surfing (it’s common that the kids break the ice) and we began to chat. Soon the sun was moving across the sky. And I learned all about “The Dart Vacation.” Wow.

Bob & Jen, vagabonds & entrepreneurs.

Bob & Jen, vagabonds & entrepreneurs.

The concept is simple: Every year on January 1, they throw a dart at a US map—and that random landing becomes a vacation target. No exceptions. No rejections. They are five-for-five in five years. So far, this courageous twist of destiny has taken them to…

Marsh Islands, California
Happy, Texas
Zuul, New Mexico
Two Buttes, Colorado (population 45)
Superior, Nebraska

Next year, they will circle their wagons at Circle, Montana. (What goes around comes around?) And like this year’s vacation in Nebraska, the next outing will include their twin sons, now age 1.

They MUST spend some quality time in the place the dart landed. No matter what. That’s not always easy: In the case of Marsh Island, California—which is actually a game reserve with no humans—they had to court a local car dealer and attorney to take them out in a boat.

The price for this slice of bliss and chance? One case of beer.

Once en route or in the area, they do allow themselves to meander, get lost, and see the sights that speak to them. Those broadminded guidelines have taken them to the likes of New Orleans and Wrigley Field. And though their list may not make Conde Nast’s Top Ten lists, they describe each place as fun, appealing, and beautiful.

No wonder they make friends wherever they go, and have even made the front page of a local newspaper—along with their twins and rented Winnebago.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Nor can you concoct the many connections we found within less time than it takes a pelican to find a decent supper.

They vacation at Lake Superior too (on the other side). They also have kinfolk in Brookings, South Dakota (OMG!). And they are also self-employed and hacking their own rules.  In their case, hard work is balanced by frequent and extreme outings of all kinds.  

Sabbatical? Radical? NOT! This spirited couple wins the award for Most Radical Escape Artists.

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3 Responses to “Trust Fate: Take a Dart Vacation”

  1. Jen Westerfield Says:

    Just came across this blog ~ awesome to think back to that beautiful beach where we met you. We are headed to Fox & Friends this weekend in NYC to throw the dart live and send another family. Tune in if you are not sailing somewhere exotic 🙂 Thank you for this write up!

  2. Bob Westerfield Says:

    Jen pulled this up for me this morning to read the blog. Thank you for your interest in our peculiar vacationing. We were in St. Johns in January and had a terrific week (imagine that). I am going to become a regular reader. Don’t let me down, I need frequent blogs here. Would love to meet up with your family for dinner somewhere across this great country (or an island in the Caribbean). We completed trip #8 in Yuma, AZ in December. We have created a Facebook page too Dart Americaby Chance. Thanks again!

  3. kirk Says:

    Hey friends! So lovely to hear from you–after all these…years. It’s awesome that you still do dart-vakay, and have set up a page. I’ll def LIKE that! We were almost in St. John this year, but went nowhere as the kids’s skeds got jammed. Dang! Stay in touch and may our paths cross again, *kirk

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