Even Elle Says to BreakAway

Posted on: Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
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So I’m sitting in my beauty parlour, awaiting my ‘poo and trim and manicure…oh never mind.  (I wish!  But who has time!?!)

Actually, while creating this website, we learned today this site shows up second when you Google BreakAway.  Yowza!  And we haven’t even finished or launched!

I may never be a blogstar, but I’m a Google star.  As Grandma always said,

“Hey, that’s better than a kick in the pants!”

The first item on the list indeed belonged to Elle–and it was all about breaking up, I guess.  (Hard to do.)  But low & behold, another Elle link takes you to a “Break Away” sabbatical story.  Have we created a love-in?  Or are we only flirting?  (There are many Elle stories about THAT too, of course.)

Anyway, once again, the secret to getting your employer to acquiesce to your BreakAway is to be a kick-butt employee.  As Garrison Keillor always states at the end of The Writer’s Almanac, “Do Good Work!”

Barbara Moses, author of Dish: Midlife Women Tell the Truth About Work, Relationships and the Rest of Life, offers these additional thoughts:

“It’s much easier to get a sabbatical if you’re good at your job than if you’re a mediocre performer;”

“Recommend someone for your position or advise on how your job can be restructured;”

“Show appreciation for your job and company;”

“Demonstrate what your company will get out of giving you a sabbatical;”

“Convince your employer that you can be a great role model of work/life balance and that you’ll come back rejuvenated.”

Thanks, Elle. I’d go talk to my boss–if only I had one.

Now, about those new flirting tips…

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