Spirituality Soars Even as Church Numbers Descend

Posted on: Monday, November 10th, 2008
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Now here’s a fascinating article. In short, a recent survey found that young people (15-25) say they are more spiritual than ever:

“93 percent of the young people surveyed believe there is a spiritual aspect to life.”

Spending time in nature” topped the list of responses. “Listening to or playing music” was No. 2, and “helping other people or the community” was third.

“Attending religious services” was ninth on the list of the top 12 most-frequent answers.

Many young people are turning to meditation — so many, in fact, that the Mindfulness Meditation Club at the University of Minnesota soon might be forced to find a bigger space for its weekly introductory yoga classes.”

Why is this makeyourbreakaway site curious? Because a Sabbatical is, at its core, a spiritual Mission. A time of probing and opening and releasing and—most of all—FAITH.

If you don’t have the faith that you can BreakAway someday—and that something profound awaits on your journey—then your odds of getting a Sabbatical plummet.

But if you ride your Faith, it just may lead you to free time, fun, and fantastic experiences (which, for most people, includes desire for time in nature) that you crave. And you can bet your i-Touch you’ll be touched in ways that are (call it what you want) deep and spiritual.

Take your time. And keep the faith.

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