Guess What: The World is not Flat!

Posted on: Saturday, November 8th, 2008
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Well, shiver me timbers! Not only is the world not flat, but this fabulous couple has logged (or should I say “blogged?”) enough travel to know. Try this site—if you need some inspiration, or feel like your get up and go has gotten up and gone.

Know what else is cool? They just do it. They don’t babble about BreakAways, preach about imbalance, or drone on about debt. Oh sure, they’ve got something to sell there. But they’ve got to find some way to fund their next Big Break, eh?

The Pre-Socratic Pythagoreans were wrong! The world is round; no more excuses about staying put cuz you might fall off the face of the earth! Moreover, travelmates are everywhere! We are not alone!

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