The Many Costs of a Sabbatical

Posted on: Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
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Lest anyone think that taking a big BreakAway is merely a financial expense, let me assure you that is only the beginning.

Today, as I try to calm my brain before bed, it keeps brooding over that list. It looks something like this…

  • Work income mostly stops
  • Work upon return is exponentially more uncertain
  • Most living expenses (mortgage, etc.) don’t take a break
  • The kids’ will miss out on school, sports, activities
  • The cat will bum out
  • Alluring job opportunities for this winter have been turned away
  • Any Bad Thing (injury, illness, theft) could ruin days
  • Family disharmony could too
  • Coming home (to much winter) may be depressing

Is it any wonder most people don’t do this sort of thing? I mean, even people with money, freedom, or audacity may have more common sense. HELP!?!

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