Sabbaticals Work for Recruiting and Retention

Posted on: Thursday, September 18th, 2008
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Here’s a little article that nicely sums up why just everyone, not just Us, should be thinking about taking a BreakAway: They recharge batteries. As this story points out, that’s a great way to keep employees pleased and productive. But better yet, it’s a great way to keep employees from abandoning ship.

The good news mentioned here is that most companies are gradually growing up and offering folks more ways to get more done—flextime, offsite work, shared jobs, and all that. The bad news is that Sabbatical programs are still way behind that progressive curve. In my experience, many companies WANT to do it—and even kick it around—but then wimp out when it comes time to actually try business-as-unusual.

With the economy fears and money meltdown (Dow below 10,000 today, UGH), perhaps now is not the seize-the-moment alignment for Big Breaks to take off. But let us remember: Nothing lasts forever. If you (or your company) want to make Sabbaticals happen, the Dow will be somewhere else by the time you go somewhere else.

Take your time. And don’t be shy to talk to your boss (or spouse or shrink) about this wild idea you’ve been pondering…

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