Music, Music Everywhere

Posted on: Saturday, January 13th, 2001
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  • Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

We´ve been delighted to find that live music often fills the air here. Whether it´s a young girl´s recorder warbling “Greensleaves” at the Saturday morning market, or the Plastic Paddies leading the crowd through “Cockles & Mussels” at Molly Malone´s, you can stumble upon harmonious scenes most anywhere.

This is a welcome change from Italy, our trip´s other primary placement. There, we´re told, live musicians must pre-register, pay a tax, and answer to a copyright official who patrols performances. It´s doubly sad because Italy is one place where people commonly carry guitarsÑand can sing along to opera on the radio. Here, making a joyful noise is still legal. Alleluia!

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