What Are We Doing, Anyway?

Posted on: Sunday, October 29th, 2000
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10/29/00: Washington, D.C.

The fact that we have left our life, home, and business behind befuddles many people.

“I just can’t imagine doing that!?!” has been the response from most folks. A few express envy. Some yawn and change the subject. Others enthusiastically cheer us on.

But we’re not all that concerned about garnering approval or applause. We’re taking this trip to accomplish a few things we believe in, such as…

  • Spending more uninterrupted time together as a family.
  • Stopping the treadmill for a while (even if to board another).
  • Taking some temporary retirement while we’re “young” and able (rather than waiting until we’re 60-something).
  • Pursuing personal projects. (For example, Kirk will be completing his book, entitled “Retire Now and Then,” about this very subject.
  • Testing (again) the viability of 2 Heads in other locations. (We already have a few projects lined up, and expect some more.)
  • Visiting old friends and making new ones.
  • Seeing the world—literally—or at least a few fine corners of it.
  • Seeking wisdom and perspective while investing in memories.

To be blunt, the planning and preparation was hell. We’ll spare you the details, and trust that we’ll soon forget them ourselves. But we’ve learned (and who hasn’t?) that most worthwhile endeavors require relentless, fearless effort. So away we go—leaping with faith and hope in our hearts. Are we crazy? Maybe. But to us, to not dream or try is the craziest of all.

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