Countdown @ 2: Enquiring Minds…

Posted on: Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
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Bless their hearts; all our friends, colleagues, and community cronies have a question or 5 about our impending trip.  In fact, they’re usually the same ones over and over—something like this…

All packed up yet?”

  • This trite query actually begins months before take-off, and provides a precursor to the most popular (and equally vacuous) question upon return:  “What was your favorite place?”  Both warrant a full-on scream, but a simple “No!” or “Stockholm!” will do.

Are you really going to miss out on…?”

  • Sports enthusiast parents especially bark about this, as if to suggest that my young athletes will never play again if they miss this summer’s traveling team, camp, shooting clinic, team picnic, and more, more, more.  Problem?  Not.  But I resist rebutting, “Are you really going to stay hog-tied to sports forever?”  Or, “Doesn’t your future Magic Johnson deserve a break?”

Who’s taking care of…?”

  • Good questions, indeed—that serve to soothe little, and amp up stress lots.  Fortunately, an answer always emerges, eventually:  A friend, a neighbor, a landscaper, a house-sitter, a contractor, a lawn-mower, and a whole team of good people.

Why aren’t you going to …?”

  • Rome?  Been there, done that.  Paris?  Not even near our path.  Norway?  Too hard to get to the amazing places (with kids who have limited patience); and it’s perhaps the most expensive country in Europe.  Hey, our itinerary makes sense—to us.  As did yours when you went to Rome, Paris, or …

Anything I can do to help?”

  • Now THAT one is music to my ears.  While one must actualize ambitious journeys alone, it does take a village to get out of town.  Thanks to all those who help and will help—even if you don’t know it yet.

You’ll be hearing from us soon!


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