The Family that Texts Together…

Posted on: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
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A few nights ago, I returned from an event to join my extended family—which in this case included five children in a living room.  They were gathered in darkness around a blaring TV.  Four of them had devices in their hands.  Nobody was talking, and few looked up when I entered the room.  No:

“Good evening, Mr. Cleaver!”

The only child without a device was my nine-year-old daughter.  And I actually felt sorry for her.


  • 42% of parents worldwide say they don’t take time to have fun with their kids on a daily basis.
  • 49% say that, when spending time as a famiy, their families are distracted by technology.
  • 55% of working parents say their mobile devices and computer technology mean it’s too easy to stay connected to work during time with family.

Although I felt sorry for my daughter for not having the toy the others did, I feel sorry for all of us.  If my house provides any indicator, here are just a few of the one-time guidelines that have completely gotten forgotten…

  • Don’t text where you sh*t.
  • Eating zones are tech-free zones.
  • Adults will kindly refrain from turning all spaces into work spaces.
  • Homework, music practice, and chores (as if) come before digitalia.
  • Devices are put to bed an hour before bedtime, including on weekends.

Beat ‘em or join ‘em?

Those of us who still aren’t addicted to technology have difficult decisions to make.  Do we give up, inhale, and become another one of them?  Do we stubbornly keep insisting that real life is the 3D kind (that doesn’t require glasses) and risk being left out?  Do we get serious about moving somewhere that is still real?

Can we even have this discussion anymore, or is it just too late?  I fear I know the answer.

At least in my house.


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