New Day’s Resolutions?

Posted on: Sunday, January 1st, 2012
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Maybe a year runs too long.  In today’s nano-second culture, who has the attention span to make changes for 365 days?  We’re too busy making changes every nine seconds, if only in our screen lives.  Anyway, lifting weights invariably evolves into lifting beer bottles—as proven in this amusing video from veteran BreakAway artist Dan Woychick.

So this year, let’s keep the resolutions short, simple, and of-the-moment…

11 New Day’s Resolutions for 2012

  1. Today, I’ll focus on today—and just hope the rest of my life don’t zip past too fast.
  2. Today, I’ll believe a long and life-changing BreakAway will happen someday—but be grateful for a little vacation anytime.
  3. Today, I’ll get my finances in order—even if that means merely cleaning the coins out of the junk drawer.
  4. Today, I’ll eat well—which may include a 16-oz T-bone with Bernaise and Bordeaux.
  5. Today, I’ll get outside—if only to throw rocks at crows when they attack the wren houses.
  6. Today, I’ll get some exercise—possibly preferring beer bottles to dumb-bells.
  7. Today, I’ll seek some silence—even when noise and chatter seem inescapable.
  8. Today, I’ll try to help make a difference—even when I’d rather not.
  9. Today, I’ll keep the faith in one Career Break Movement—even if “movements” seem as common as blogtwit-gurus these days.
  10. Today, I’ll let Doomsdayers and New Agers pontificate about 2012 being the End or the Beginning—and respond as best I might to the whatever epic events may occur.
  11. Today, I’ll unplug from the internet—and watch TV’s endless parade of parades, games, and fireworks (when not partying with family and friends).

Just for today, and maybe tomorrow…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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One Response to “New Day’s Resolutions?”

  1. Julie Du. Says:

    Happy New Year, Kirk! Wishing you many fine adventures in 2012!

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