BreakTown News: Ice Fishin’

Posted on: Sunday, February 28th, 2010
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DSC_0001Well, it’s been a pretty quiet week on Lake O’begone…Whoa!  Hold that thought:  It’s been craaaazy around here.  As everybody knows, the ice shacks must be off the lakes by March 1.  Time is running out!  So the action has been cold and heavy.

Folks make fun of ice-fishin’, but nobody’s having more fun than the fisherpeople.  They’re laughing all the way to the snowbank.  Here’s what they know that the rest of us sometimes forget…

  • Fishin’ is outdoors—which kicks butt over most any indoor doings.
  • Supper is super—if you get lucky and land a fresh, cold keeper. 
  • Nobody calls you a wimp out there—with any luck, nobody calls you at all. 
  • Fishing makes for serious BreakTime—and that’s what head and heart crave. 
  • It’s soothing solo, fun with friends, and super-cool with a large party—like today’s picture proves. 

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