For A Good Vibe, Ride The “Reggae Bus”

Posted on: Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
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On the last island (Bequia), it was called the “Dollar Bus.”  Here, it costs about the same, and is sometimes called the “Reggae Bus.”  They are privately owned vans that run established routes, all across the island. They tend to be crowded but exceptionally polite.  And the drivers, just like in Bequia, are crazy.  But it’s a great ride, and great vibe.  Grenada is way laidback but with good energy.  Just check out some of these heartening bus names and messages…
  • Shining Light
  • No Hard Feelings
  • Yes Jah
  • Live On
  • Always Decent
  • Live Simply
  • Vision
  • No Stress
  • Faithfull
  • Vibes
  • Stamina
  • Sweet Heart
  • 100% Grenadian
  • Life Nice
  • Unity
  • Conscious
  • Good People
  • Just Simple
  • Blessings
  • Love is the Answer
  • New Beginning
  • Higher Level
  • Next Level
  • Jus Level
  • Chilaxin
  • Bless Up
And on the back window, many owners create customized communiqués for all to see…
  • The sky is wide enough for a million stars.
  • Who feels it knows it. 
  • Rise to action.
  • Positive feeling.
  • Follow righteousness.
  • God is Love.
  • All Friends, No Enemies.
  • All Right!
  • You will never fail until you stop trying.
  • Jah have a blessing for you.
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3 Responses to “For A Good Vibe, Ride The “Reggae Bus””

  1. Daggering Says:

    Thanks for all the help dude.

  2. Sharique Says:

    Is roots as popular now?

  3. new reggae songs 2015 Says:

    First, Montego Bay is the Jamaican beach made famous in many songs.

    I like this album because a lot of the songs are relevant to young people today in Jamaica and around the world.

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