Get Up & Go…Outside!

Posted on: Friday, October 24th, 2008
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Survey sez: 

  • 83%: Percentage of Americans who say spending time outdoors makes them feel refreshed, healthy, and excited.
  • 61% Percentage who say they don’t take enough advantage of the restorative powers of nature.
  • Source: Edelman

There’s a reason why most Sabbaticals for this clan happen during the November through March period: Winter. Too young to make “winter” a verb. Too old to see the 6 months of winter roundabout as one big happy snowman.

What’s the biggest flaw of winter? The challenge of playing—heck just being—outside. And as the survey says, spending time outdoors makes one feel refreshed, healthy, and excited.

Then again, for many people—especially those who work indoors (often without windows) and commute several hours a week—getting outside is difficult in the best of circumstances. A lunchtime walk can work wonders. But a week at the lake or woods or ocean can work miracles.

Imagine what several months focused on natural splendor can do.

Are you spending enough time outside? Am I? No, I’m not. I’m too busy working. Planning. And blogging. On that note, good-bye. I’m heading into the great wild yonder I call my backyard…

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